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Never Mind the Gap: Dems spin wage-gap for own gain

Wage-gap myths trotted out by Dems

Breaking Up With Barack

Thrill might be gone for unmarried women.

Easy question, easier answer

Are you better off today than you were four years ago? Will you be better off in four years than you are today?

Obama runs from, Warren embraces, “you didn’t build that.”

Who is further Left? Barack Obama or Liz Warren?

Won’t get fooled again?

This year's graduates enter the Obama economy. Good Luck.

Is a local income tax coming to a Massachusetts town near you?

In Massachusetts, a local income tax may be coming to a town near you.

Gingrich and Perry: Toxic Twins Spoil GOP Primary

In attacking Romney's role at Bain, Gingrich and Perry sound more like Karl Marx than Ronald Reagan.

Malcontents Occupy Liz’s Heart

In the Massachusetts Senate race, as in the presidential contest, battle lines have been drawn.

The National Debt: Excerpts from Around the Web

Excerpts from around the web on the budget deficit, the spiraling national debt, and the recent debt-ceiling compromise.

Lessons on the National Debt

Many school children understand the national debt better than some politicians.