Rock, Paper, Scissors: Which 2016 GOP candidate can beat Hillary?


Bill Clinton once said that the difference …

People died, Hillary lied — but not to Chelsea

It is now clear that Hillary Clinton lied to the American public abut the nature of the Benghazi attacks in order to protect her president in an election year.

In defense of gridlock

Founders saw gridlock as democratic balance

Dems’ blame game misses mark

Guns don’t cause violence, people do

Warren/Cruz share Harvard/Texas state of mind

Warren/Cruz share similar roots, similar style.

A nation of law and not men

Obama’s phony Zimmerman probe designed to racially divide the nation.

Ted Cruz not “Hispanic” to PC Left

There they go again . . .PC Left can’t accept conservative minorities.

Decentralized party-building

Does the GOP’s path to victory veer right or left?

Is the GOP becoming the paranoid party?

Republicans must not allow Democrats to paint us as nativist, doomsday preppers.

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

In 2012, Reagan Democrats returned to their party.