Soledad O’Brien: Al Jazeera’s useful idiot

O’Brien lends legitmacy to pro-Islamist network.

From Benghazi to Boston: poltical correctness hampers efforts to combat terrorism

Benghazi is not just a failure of leadership; it’s a failure of perspective.

Our Boston Massacre

Martin Richard will live on as a symbol of freedom.

The New Pheidippides by Edward Mulholland

A few days ago, I stumbled upon …

What Benghazi tells us about Obama

Benghazi: 4 scandals in 1

Jihad Threat Real: Latest ex hails from Hub ‘burbs

America is not at war with Islam. But, make no mistake about it, large segments of Islam are at war with America.

Good vs. Evil: JP2, OBL, and the Death of Moral Relativism

John Paul is beatified as U.S. captures and kills Osama bin Laden.

Congress Investigates Home-Grown Islamic Terrorism

Rep. Peter King investigates radicalization in the Muslim-American community.